Artist Feature: LOVE

Love’ is an R&B/NeoSoul artist. Growing up in Metro Detroit, it was only destined that her passion would be music. Starting out at a very young age playing saxophone and shortly after moving on to trombone, her love for music manifested into infatuation. It was then after, she discovered the next avenue of her journey; singing. Being heavily influenced by such an eclectic base of artists, from Anita Baker to Chris Brown to India Aire, her vocal range and ability to feature or own ANY track, showcases just that. And being a fellow Virgo like one of her greatest inspirations, Beyoncé, she is a perfectionist that won’t ever disappoint. 

Artist Feature: CHYNG

I am Chyng, the comedian, artist, actress, entrepreneur and overall experience. I Was Born November 6, in Detroit Michigan. At A Very Young Age I Discovered My Passion For Music.  Starting Out With my First Instrument, The Piano, I acknowledged my natural gift to play multiples of instruments including the trumpet, trombone, & the drums. In 2010 I released my first musical project named “The Vowels Of Me” that consisted of 12 tracks in which 4,000 copies were sold. In 2010 I Also Started building on other platforms such as YouTube in which became very vital in my transition into comedy. At Age 18 I Quit my job to launch my company “

“Drahma Hair” and open my first brand store.  I became known for my personality and goofiness  in which I landed my first mega viral video on Instagram in 2018. January 2019 I moved from Detroit, Michigan to Atlanta, GA to Fully Pursue my career as an overall entertainer Where I gross over 122,000 follower on Instagram, 550,000 followers on Tik Tok, & 100,000 followers on YouTube. I landed my first debut movie role by the name of “SWIFT” in 2020 produced new magic productions in which will air on many streaming networks including Netflix.

Artist Feature: Archie Mo

Archie Mo is a talented artist from Detroit who has a powerful message within his unique music. Originally a writer, Archie became more involved as a solo performer with the release of his 2019 EP “Timeless”. Currently Archie is signed to Emma Rose Entertainment and looks to solidify his name within the world of music– a task surely within his reach. 

Artist Feature: MR. Horn

Darren Horn started playing professionally as a teenager in Detroit with singer Cortez Harris, who was a member of popular R&B/funk band Al Hudson & One Way. He and Cortez hit it off after Horn, whose aunt lived across the street from where the band was rehearsing, took the initiative to start jamming with them. After a time playing with Cortez at major clubs like The Twenty Grand, the keyboardist hooked up with The Axe Band, which was renowned as singer Cherelle’s backing band and toured with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. 

Horn later played keys and acted as road manager for Kiara, which scored a #2 R&B duet on Arista Records with Shanice Wilson and opened for everyone from Gerald Albright to Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross; they also created pop crossover remixes for saxophonist Marion Meadows and worked for a time with Toni Braxton just as she was about to emerge. After some years away from the business, Horn resumed his career in the 2000s writing, producing and performing with his wife, gospel singer AnnaMaria.